Top 4 Beautiful Spots to Visit In Amsterdam

Have you planned your trip to  Amsterdam, but still confused about which spots you must book the tickets for?

We can understand the struggle is real! And that’s why we have prepared the list of four beautiful spots to visit in Amsterdam.

1. Vondelpark 

The ripened urban gardens of Vondelpark, amalgamated with diversified flower beds and stroll spots make it a perfect destination for solo or group picnics. No wonder why the park holds a Guinness World Record (2009) for the world’s largest gathering!

This urban park of 47 hectares is also an abode to well-manicured playgrounds, soul-soothing ponds, restaurants, and a few elegant statues, including Joost ven den Vondel, that has earned the park its name.

Vondel Park also offers a plethora of recreational facilities, including Open-air theatre, where concerts, dances, and cabaret are performed.

2. Dam Square

Dam Square, also referred to as “Amsterdam’s Beating Heart”, holds a very significant position in the Netherlands, mainly due to its history.

It is a sumptuous hodgepodge to a variety of tourist attractions, including:

  • National Monument where the Dutch celebrate National Memorial Day.
  • Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis) that has been enamored by royal personalities such as Queen Beatrix
  • Madame Tussauds wax museum– don’t forget to check out the wax statues of Barack Obama and Lady Gaga over

3. Rijksmuseum

Each year, millions of tourists visit this arts-and-crafts clustered museum to witness waves of serenity rippling across themselves.

This National Museum is punctuated by pristine Dutch arts, craft, and history with almost one million collections displayed, dating from the Dutch Golden Age to the present day.

Furthermore, Rijksmuseum encapsulates a library possessing more than 35,000 books and manuscripts.

4. Jordaan

Jordaan is one of the most tourist-clogged areas of Amsterdam due to the freshness it offers. It flashes an intricate amalgam of boutiques, eateries, modern art galleries, restaurants, and verdant courtyards.

The landscape of Jordaan has various top tourist attractions, such as:

  • Anne Frank House
  • Westerstraat market
  • Woonboot Museum
  • Lindengracht Market

Wrap Up 

Although Amsterdam has a myriad of tourist attractions, the spots mentioned above would certainly bless you with a succinct view of entire Amsterdam in a nutshell.

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