Top 4 Amazing Places to Visit in France

France is a versatile country with many incredible tourist destinations. This country has four distinct sides and each one has its own charming and unique features. From natural to glamorous, the appealing places in France are worth seeing!

Want your vacations to be fabulous? Then you should explore France with this list of the top 4 best places to visit.

1. The Châteaux, Loire Valley

This valley is marked by a spectacular landscape where magnificent castles stand tall. The gently flowing River along the castles makes a perfect view. The Châteaux served as a residency for royals and elites such as Château of Cheverny and the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau.

Parc Mini-Châteaux, Amboise is an amazing destination for families.

2. Biarritz

It is a fabulous resort with beautiful beaches. With the hotels having luxury accommodation, Grande Plage is a sandy beach of Biarritz which appeals to many tourists.

Another awe-inspiring beach is in the line that is renowned as Plage du Miramar.

3. The lavender fields, Provence

In these fields of Provence, the fragrance of lavenders will keep your nerves relaxed. They stretch out far as the eye can see and provide quite a different experience.

From June to August, you can sit in the magical fields and enjoy the sweet fragrance of lavender. It will surely make your day!

4. Écrins National Park

Situated in the southeastern part of France, this park gains the attention of many visitors. The hikers show up here in summer while skiers come when the snowy season starts.

The park offers many outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and others. It spot should be added in your list if you are an adventurous soul!

Whether you go with family or friends for vacation, France will never disappoint you in any way!

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