Tips to Save Money on Food When You Travel

Are you afraid your food expenses will plunge your bank account into complete shambles?

Calm down! Here we are at your service to teach you how to save money on food when you travel.

Carry Your Snacks Along 

Touristy shops and restaurants are like the cast of Money Heist. They attract you, that too in the most alluring way. Never fall into the trap!

Always stuff your bag with something to nibble on. It can be sandwiches from the local grocery store, fruits, or a baguette from the cafe in your neighborhood.

This way, you would end up saving a lot of money on food as you are not starving.

Pro Tip: do not forget to pack your own water bottle. While the water bottles in the market are not very expensive, but, all these little sugars can add up to knock the life out of your budget.

Try the Locals (both markets and folks)

Instead of squandering around high-priced restaurants and cafès, try local markets.

Apart from assisting you to eat on a budget, it would also lend you an exquisite experience of the local cuisine. The local markets never fail to serve as a repository for the most exciting, yet delicious foods.

However, a much smarter option is interacting with the locals via apps like Couchsurfing and EatWith. They can always guide you to cozy economical spots, or might even invite you to dine at their place.

Have Breakfast at Your Hotel 

While booking your hotel or hostel, make sure to choose one that features free breakfast.

Eat your breakfast at the hotel before you begin your stroll around the town. This practice kills two birds with one stone: first, you would be eating on a budget; second, your satisfied stomach would not beguile you to buy those $20 tacos—hence, awakening the smart buyer in you who can differentiate ‘wants’ from ‘needs’.


Recruiting tips to save money on food while traveling not only helps you to explore more of the local ethnicities but also keeps havoc from your budget.

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