The First Timer’s Guide to Dining in Los Angeles

Hand-picking a few premium dining spots out of a plethora, especially in a city where you have never been before, can be a nerve-wracking ordeal.

But, don’t worry! This blog post is a concise first timer’s guide to dining in Los Angeles that will certainly take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Pho 79

If you want to pamper your taste buds in the most relishing way, then Pho 79 is just the right place to slip into.

Although this Garden Grove Vietnamese restaurant offers a wide range of beef cuts, including tripe and meatballs; its signature oxtail is without question the central highlight. Packed with rich star-anise flavor, the brown broth tastes heaven with a dash of cinnamon-infused in it.

The iconic restaurant has also been awarded the honor of James Beard America’s Classics for enriching Orange County with the most delicious nuance. No wonder why there’s an hour-long wait outside the restaurant every day.

And yes, it’s cash only!


Want to infatuate yourself with the most finger-licking sushi? The Valley’s Sugarfish must be your instant checkpoint, hands down!

Owing to the great quality of each piece served, Sugarfish has expanded over eight locations, from Marina Del Rey through Downtown.

At Sugarfish, the most striking features of Chef Nozawa’s sushi include affordable prices, a customer-friendly menu, and (of course!) the gold standard quality of the fish.


Dining at Gjusta will satisfy your taste buds. It will also bless your sight with the most picturesque settings of Venice.

Gjusta is a one-in-all spot in Los Angeles: deli, coffee shop, bakery, smokehouse, pizzeria—you name it.

The food is incredibly delicious.  Gjusta often gets a bum rap for its extensive waiting hours. But, at the end of the day, the wait is worth that Gjusta famous fish.


Instead of squandering around dining spots that are falsely coated in some semblance of finesse, make a triumphal checkpoint at those mentioned above to savor every morsel at its fullest.

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