Spanish Cheese – The 5 Best Cheeses from Spain

Cheese is a crucial part of the Spanish diet and Spanish people eat it in various ways. Locals make each type of cheese differently which gives its unique taste and texture.

Below-mentioned is the 5 best kinds of cheese which are famous not only in Spain but also considered as fine delicacies around the world.

1. Mahon Cheese

A fruity cheese with the name of Mahon is in demand for centuries in Spain. Experts collect the cheese and mature them in a basement cellar for two months to two years.

Having a salty and buttery taste, Mahon cheese tastes well with black pepper and olive oil.

2. Torta del Casar

Produced in Extremadura, this cheese gives a delicious taste and is famous for its unique aroma. Texture-wise, it is creamy and rich.

You can relish this cheese in various ways such as simply with bread, a dessert, an appetizer, or with red wine.

3. Arzúa- Ulloa

This cheese is produced in the region of Galicia by special cow milk. They are present along the banks of the Ulloa River near La Coruña.

The creamy textured cheese contains pasteurized or raw milk. It is the richest, creamy, and most delicious Galician cheese.

4. Cabrales Cheese

This gourmet cheese comes from a mixture of cow, sheep, and goat milk. It is one of the finest blue cheese in Spain.

This handmade cheese is made in the mountains of Northern Spain. Matured in caves, Cabrales has the most distinct character which makes it special.

5. Zamorano

Zamorano has a slightly different appearance from traditional Spanish cheese. Popular for its nuttier and creamy taste, it is rich in flavor and melts in the mouth.

You can enjoy this world-class cheese with white or red wine.

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