Nervous Flyer? 3 Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Flying

To some flying is all about embracing the vast expanse of open skies, whereas to the rest, flying is synonymous with nervousness, anxiety, stress, and everything in between. So, how can all the nervous flyers get over their fear of flying?

1. Interact with the Staff 

When the power of your life and death resides at someone else’s fingertips, aviophobia, or fear of flying sneaks in as a reflex.

Have they checked the engines? What if the pilots are not experienced? Will they be able to land the plane safely? And, a lot of similar questions pop up to convert your brain into a bustling beehive.

To relieve stress, try to meet the pilot or other crew members if there’s time before take-off. It can breed significant trust and reassurance that the staff is worth trusting.

2. Take Deep Breaths 

When the claustrophobic cabins continue to break you out in cold sweat, there’s no better way to calm your nerves other than deep breathing exercises.

Inhale through your nose while pushing your belly outwards. And then, exhale slowly through pursed lips while pulling your stomach in.

You can also try out other types of breathing exercises for instant stress relief.

3. Manage Your Anxiety 

While you can’t punctuate your anxiety with a full stop, there are several ways to control it. Few of them are as follows

  • Keep yourself engaged—you can always trick your anxiety by giving your brain something better to focus on such as flipping through your favorite comic book.
  • Keep yourself aware— be aware of all the safety features employed by an airplane to help yourself foster rational thinking.
  • Learn your triggers — learn what particular aspect of air travel makes you a nervous flyer and work on that.

Wrap Up!

No matter if you are a nervous flyer, do not let your fears hold you back from making the most out of your life. Just have faith and no matter how debilitating your aviophobia is, you can always outsmart it.

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