Visit the magical Petra in Jordan

As a UNESCO world heritage site, Petra in Jordan is an amazing place to visit. Most people associate Petra with the Treasury. Also called Al Khazneh, it’s the sandstone temple featured in many guidebooks and made famous in the Indiana Jones film. But Petra is so much more than that. It is an ancient journey that spans several millennia, and the local Bedouin people are proud to share their heritage.

As you walk the length of Petra, there are many fascinating tombs, monasteries and facades that have stood the test of time. You will want to take your time to savor the sights, peruse the various local vendors, and stop at the cafes along the way. The Bedouin people are always friendly and available with camels if you want to use them (for a fee) instead of walking.

The Siq

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This narrow, 80-meter vertical split rock is a naturally carved pathway to the entrance of Petra and is mysterious in its beauty. It is all the more enchanting, knowing that around every curve, you will in any moment come upon the Treasury. The different shades of red-rose layers in the sandstone of the Siq make for some stunning photographs!

The Treasury

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Not a treasury at all, but a tomb, which you cannot enter. However, intricate carvings on the outside are the most photo worthy, and is breathtaking to stand in front of. At 43 meters in height, the Treasury will dwarf you with its magnificence. Walk past the Treasury and start your journey into the ancient town of Petra.

Colonnade Street

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Walk on original stone blocks and marvel at the stately row of columns. This is a great chance to get creative with your camera and take some angled shots of the columns. Here you will find public buildings, temples and shops.

Al-Deir (The Monastery)


Climb 800 steps (or ride a donkey for a small fee) to see this magnificent stone carving that is just as breathtaking at the Treasury.

The High Place of Sacrifice

The High Place of Sacrifice visit Petra jordan magazine

Yep, the name says it all. After a somewhat arduous uphill climb, you are rewarded by the best view of Petra below. This is the site where the original Nabatean people held religious ceremonies honoring their gods.

Nights at Petra

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Petra remains open after the sun sets, where 1500 candles are lit and spectacular night viewing is to be had at the Siq and the Treasury. There is a small fee to attend, but the experience is well worth it and offers some of the best photographic moments. Bring a jacket as the nights tend to be chilly!

The Best Spots to Photograph in Petra

  • The Siq

  • The Treasury

  • The Monastery (an 800-step climb, but well worth it!)

  • High Place of Sacrifice

  • Nights at Petra


Petra opens around sunrise and closes around dusk (but stays open three evenings a week for Nights at Petra). So it is worth it to get up early or stay late after the throngs of tourists leave, to get some really great photos and have the place practically to yourself. If you stay overnight in the nearby town of Wadi Musa, you can easily get to Petra early. Be sure to wear your walking shoes.


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