Top places to visit in Brazil

Home to captivating wilderness, Brazilians live and breathe football. Brazil is nothing less than a drama for its explorers. Its scenic beauty ranges from pink river dolphins, to rambunctious toucans in thick forests of Brazil. The dynamic cultural vibe extends in its architecture and nightlife.

The majestic city welcomes all believers and explorers to encounter a picture worthy experience

Rio De Janeiro:

Get ready to fall in love with this magical city with copious Copacabana beaches. Its sensational scenery of samba and Bossa nova, that breezy stroll on Ipanema, and the largest Christ Redeemer statue atop Mt. Corcovado stands out amongst all!

One can simply not miss the yearly Carnival. The passion for this event fills your soul. There is so much energy, drama, and wilderness in every corner. The extravaganzas of feasting, dancing, costumes, and music owes to its people.


The Amazon Rainforest:

Nothing comes closer to Amazon rainforest, it is another eye-catching tourist attraction. Explore the wilder side of Brazil by long strolls or kayaking in a long preserving stream. The Amazon rainforest is one of the most ethereal situations on our planet. Experience living around the most extensive collection of plants and creatures, lush green forests, and the breath-taking Amazon River. Living in the middle of the jungle surely adds in the bucket full of experience!

Iguazu Falls:

Iguazu Falls are the most photo worthy spots that never fail to mesmerize. This World Heritage marks the outskirts between Brazil and Argentina. It leaves your soul in awe when you witness this unique experience from both sides.

Do not forget to spend 2-3hours at the bird stop near the Brazilian side, and you will see every single one of those normal fortunes that make this such a phenomenal experience in whole worldwide.

Lagoinha Beach:

Looking for a spot away from the hustling bustling life of the city? Lagoinha beach is a drift away in paradise, loaded with tropical vegetation, rich coconut trees, and red sand dunes. Discover the surreal experience this beach has to offer on a buggy or horseback ride. You can even take a jangada (boat) ride on the quiet waters of the Almecegas Pond!

Don’t forget to try the local seafood, the experience is truly outstanding in the state.

Pantanal Wetlands:

If you are ready to get a first-hand experience of Brazil’s wildlife, you have chosen the right spot. The biggest wetland on the planet. Situated in the heart of Brazil. Book a guided tour to explore the astoundingly safeguarded habitat, and keep your eyes stripped for caimans, capybaras, even crocodiles and monkeys, several feathered species, and even the jaguar in the first few minutes of your visit!

The beautifully existing unlimited skyline makes it a pleasure at heart for the bird watchers.


Renowned for its African influenced cuisines, Caribbean rhythms, and architecture. Also known as the “Capital of Joy” for its exuberant Carnaval festivities, Salvador is the most distinctive, and vivid city in the country. It is full of treats and picture-worthy. The city is full of diversity with Portugal designs and architecture, Caribbean climate and culture, perfectly blended with African cultural.

It is one of the most chronicled spots to visit in December.


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