Top 5 Hotels in Baku

The chronicled centre of Baku. Also known as the land of fire is full of historic buildings, modern art, awe-inspiring architecture, lively nightlife, and soulful foods from all over the world. The Caspian Sea and the flames towers are the highlight of the city. The hustling bustling Nizami Street is lit. The city will win your heart

Don't forget to try the famous donors and dolma’s!

Fairmont Hotel:

A grandeur hotel that holds a symbolic importance for the city. Fairmont is situated in the Flames tower. Known for its breath-taking view of Caspian Sea and the dynamic nightlife of downtown. The up-hill hotel welcomes you with a very modern architecture, the enormous crystal chandeliers is the highlight of this place. The hotel is a 5-minute walk away from the famous Martyrs Alley. The on-site restaurant is a must! It is a perfect blend of scrumptious food and picturesque view of the city. The indoor swimming pool with glass ceiling gives you the perfect summer tan.

Bilgah Beach Hotel:

A pure retreat for both relaxation and business. Set on the breath-taking Caspian Sea, get ready to witness the most beautiful sunsets. Bilgah beach is close to all the famous landmarks. The private beach on the Absheron Peninsula fulfils everyone’s desire for a perfect holiday. The hotel has some great amenities for its guests including lavish rooms, waterpark, spa, and a nightclub. Visitors can experience Turkish hammams and plunge pools on this site.

Stay bridge Suites Baku:

Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel is a home away from home. It’s location is right in the hustling bustling side of the city. The hotel is minutes away from 28th May mall and the underground markets of Baku, making it a perfect view during the breakfast hour. The very famous Nizami Street is only 10 minutes’ walk away, making it a very famous hotel among travellers. You can certainly not miss the wine hour, the soft music cherishing the warm turkey, and cheese sandwiches along with salad makes your evening a soulful one!

Four Seasons Hotel:

Located literally in the insides of the old city wall, the four season’s hotel is a gem. The hotel is in true means full of luxury and extravagance. That glamorous architecture, grandeur chandeliers, and marble stairway makes you feel like you are in a palace. Book yourself a relaxing penthouse spa, have breakfast in your balcony overlooking the magnificent Caspian Sea and the old city or take a dip in the indoor swimming pool.

Shah Palace Hotel:

A remarkable landmark and exquisite hotel. Shah Palace is one of a kind hotel in Baku, displaying royalty in every corner. The interior is traditional yet lavish, exquisite wood, and marble constructions, incredible lights adds to the sentiment of the hotel. The huge atrium courtyard gives very princely vibes. You can book this hotel in a very good price which is an added benefit. Tourists can enjoy the astonishing view of the city from their balconies.

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