5 Best things to Visit and see in Croatia

The country of Croatia can be found within the Adriatic Sea and it has long been known for its sparkling blue water that meets crystal white sand covered with pebbles.  The Dinaric Alps can be seen from the beaches as they loom in the distance.  Visitors can explore both these areas in between discovering unique historical attractions, dining on delicious Croatian cuisine, and drinking fine wine. 

Here are the 5 best things to see and do in Croatia:


1.           Visit the Islands by Boat

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There are more than one thousand islands in Croatia and the only way that visitors can see them is by taking a boat out into the sea.  The favorite islands amongst everyone seems to be Hvar, Cres, Korčula, and MIjet, but everyone should feel free to visit as many as they can. 



2.           Plitvice National Park

 This national park is the most visited place in all of Croatia, which is no surprise with the sixteen lakes and numerous waterfalls that can be seen while inside.  Visitors will love hiking the trails at Plitvice National Park as they spot local wildlife and breathtaking views. 



3.           The Churches in the Town of Zadar


 The town of Zadar is quite unique, as no cars are allowed on the streets there, but it is also where four beautiful Romanesque churches can be found.  The Church of St. Donatus was constructed during the 9th century, while the Church of St. Mary is from the 11th century.  The other two churches, the Cathedral of Anastasia and the Church of St. Chrysogonus are from the 12th century.  While in this town, visitors will also want to consider stopping to see the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun, which are both on the waterfront. 



4.           Dubrovnik Old Town Walls

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 Everyone needs to experience what it is like to stand high up on the Old Town Walls in Dubrovnik, as they look out over the city’s old rooftops towards the sea.  There are numerous tours that take visitors past fortresses, cannons, and towers, while walking along the old defensive walls from medieval times. 



5.           Zlatni Rat Beach

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This long beach is full of golden pebbles and it stretches out into the water of the sea as it creates continuously changing shapes.  While travelers will love this beach at any time of the day, it is at sunset when the magic begins to occur.  Everyone will want to walk along the shoreline when they are here, so they do not miss any of the fantastic features. 


While Croatia is full of adventures and beauty, these are five of the things that all visitors will want to see during their time in the country.  Of course, once a person sees all of them, they may decide that they never want to leave this wonderful country in the sea.