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Here at Visit Magazine, we want you to see the world – but more importantly, we want to bring the world right to your home. If you’re interested in traveling, exploring, or going on an adventure around the world, then Visit Magazine is the multiplatform travel magazine for you.  

The world is a big place, and knowing just where to go, just how to get somewhere, and just what to see when you get there isn’t exactly common knowledge. You can’t simply travel around the world aimlessly – you need the right tips, resources, and guides to ensure that you’re able to make the most out of every mile walked.  

Visit Magazine is here to do just that. As your premiere traveling resource, Visit Magazine provides travel guides, traveling tips, and important resources that help you visualize a destination before you even read about it. From there, you learn all about the tips and tips from real world adventurers and travelers who have been there before. 

Our magazine began as a way to help others travel and explore new places. In addition, it began as a medium to bring different cultures from around the world right into your home. It’s time to explore the world together – your ship is setting sail!  

Our Mission 

At Visit Magazine, our mission is simple – we work each and every day to bring relevant travel information to our readers. We know just how important it is to feel comfortable in a new city or a new destination – and that’s something that short videos and small feed posts on social media simply can’t offer. 

Visit Magazine provides comprehensive travel guides that deliver added value extending far beyond 30-second videos. We want to immerse our readers in their destination before they arrive, so that when their plane touches the ground, they feel at home. 

Our Story  

My name is Mads Nordsveen, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Visit Magazine. I’ve been traveling the world now for several years, and I’ve always brought my camera along with me. I’m 27 years old, I’m a travel photographer, and I’m a serial entrepreneur. You see, the world is a playground in my eyes, and I want to explore & visit every hidden gem in it.  

I took it upon myself to travel the world far and wide, photographing every step of the way. When I thought about my travels, I knew I wanted to lend my experiences to those who want to live the same life that I had been living for the past few years. 

From there, Visit Magazine was born. 

Co founder and editor Kevin Kyburz has been blogging for over a decade and has also shared his opinion on current tech topics over the radio or through daily newspapers. A former columnist for a large free daily paper, he has developed a keen sense for answers to technical questions from readers and tries to clarify them as well as possible. When he’s not busy exploring technology, he likes to cultivate his love of nature, travel and photography. 

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