4 Important Things Any New Traveler Should Know

A new traveler is an amalgam of fear and excitement. Unfortunately, a lot of times fear dispatches a fatal blow to the excitement.

Therefore, to help you cultivate maximum repulsion from rookie mistakes, we have prepared this blog post that tells you four important things any new traveler should know.

1. Don’t be afraid of getting lost 

The mere thought of getting lost amidst unknown settings can be scary enough to convert your brain into an unbearable hodgepodge of “what if” conundrums.

But believe me, the United States is not a woodland from ‘Alice in Wonderland’— undiscovered and uninhabited. There will always be local guides to help you out. And,  google maps hands down!

2. Keep your valuables in fanny pack

Carry a fanny pack to stash your important documents, passport, phone, and money inside it.

The biggest advantage of fanny packs is that they’re within your eye’s and hand’s reach, unlike the regular backpacks.

Fanny packs not only keep your valuables safe from pickpockets but, also add a dash of style to your outfit.

3. Pack your bag wisely 

Efficient and light packing is alien to many; no wonder why a vast majority ends up plunging itself into paying excess baggage fees.

Your brain tempts you to well-stock (overstock actually) your bag with all the possible resources (necessary and unnecessary) before you leap onto a new, unknown landscape.

However, you can always trick your brain. Whenever it tempts you to overpack, repeat this to yourself: I don’t need to carry five pairs of hiking boots, ten bottles of shampoo, and fifteen pairs of T-shirts. If I run short, I’ll buy them from the local shops! Simple.

4. Homesickness might pop up at your door

Extensive stays in foreign lands might foster homesickness. Adapting to new people and a totally different language can be draining enough.

Under such circumstances, try to visit colonies that house people of your breed and culture. Wandering around them will invite a sense of “homeliness” in an unknown foreign country.

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